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This page was last updated: October 3, 2013
Retired Delta Pilot's Page

What do I have (or don’t have) page?

While flying, when something went wrong one of the first questions that went through our mind in the cockpit was....what have I lost and what do I have?
Okay, in the retired world, things have changed and will continue to change. You can bet on that. Now, (as related to my old DAL job) bottom line, what have I lost and what do I have?

Realizing that a "hub" page for all of our remaining benefits is somewhat of a moving target, I wish to create a useful page that fills the bill.

This is a comprehensive page for living Retired Delta Pilots
(for Survivors of Delta pilots click here)

  • Call Delta ESC 1-800-MYDELTA   (1-800-693-3582)

Retired Insurance --Health:
  • Under age 60- (you do not have a company sponsored group plan)
  • HCTC for eligible pilots between ages 55-65:
IRS HCTC home page  HCTC Customer Contact 1-866-628-4282
HCTC Delta specific FAQ's
HCTC registration To Do list
HCTC state qualified plans
HCTC - How to Receive the HCTC
IRS HCTS filing form 8885

Retired Insurance --Survivor Benefits: (Review your life insurance needs while keeping the following in mind)
  • Delta Pilots Disability & Survivorship Plan (Trust Fund) (Yes, "Your surviving spouse and eligible family members will receive survivor annuity benefits, up to a total of 25%-35% of your final average earnings (from the Delta Pilots D & S Trust)     Sample Survivor Benefit Calculation available from ESC (if you are persistent) for a specific retiree.  This gives you an idea of how D&S survivor benefit is calculated.
  WHAT DO WE HAVE? - D & S Trust assembled document: Click Here
  • DPMA? (None. Any and all benefits terminate upon your retirement)
  • Delta paid life insurance? Your designated beneficiary will receive life insurance proceeds paid from a Basic LI policy DAL holds on employees and retirees.(amount is $50,000 if you die in first year after retirement, declining $10,000/year to minimum of $10,000)."
  • Independently owned life insurance (Click here and ask for a quote)

  • LOA 51 and how it affects disability. 
Click here for Memo to Disabled Pilots

Retirement Income:
  • Monthly Qualified Annuity (Problems or changes contact PBGC 1-800-400-7242)
  • Distributed “claim” for Non-Qualified ( 2 part claim distribution-then done!)
  (MEC 06-06 Bulletin describing Claims and sale in general)
  • Distributed "claim" for lost medical benefits (negotiated by the Pilot 1114 comm)
  • Continued “qualified” benefits now paid by PBGC
  • SS offset of your pension annuity Your Delta benefits will be reduced on the earlier of the date you begin receiving Social Security retirement benefits, or required Social Security retirement age.
• DAL Seniority Date before 02/09/82: monthly reduction is $117 at 65; $94 at 62.
• Seniority Date after 02/09/82 monthly reductions: age 62 - $259 age 64 - $302, age 63 -
$281 age 65 - $324
• Social Security reduction is prorated if DAL service is under 25 years and due to Frozen
Plan date of 12/31/2004.
  • Stark article on Claims 3-27-07


  • ALPA insurance or any other benefit – none 
  • Latest ALPA contractual bulletins effecting retirees

Official web sites for my access as a retiree:
  • PBGC        PBGC at 1-800-400-7242
  • Delta ExtraNet  (Retiree limited access to Travel Net, ESS, Flight Ops and more)
  • DALRC (Delta Air Lines Retirement Committee)

Helpful web sites for Delta Pilot Retirees:
  • PCN Pilot Communicaton Net


Email lists and email rings to subscribe to:



PCN Misc Links:

Deceased Pilot Page

Pilot GOOD DEAL Page

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This page was last updated: October 3, 2013
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