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This page was last updated: June 25, 2009

My name is Mark Sztanyo and I have finished a career of over 35 years in the air as a pilot (26
for one of our country's premier airlines).  I retired flying the B767 out of CVG.  Now my wife and
I reside in Florence, KY and wish to stay engaged by providing a service for many of our fellow

In 2005 we started Senior Slug Network, a website for all those pilots that find themselves at the
top of the seniority list.  he adopted name of "slug" came from our junior pilot community.  If that
is what they call us we will turn it into a badge of honor and become slugs with a smile.  This
site remains open today as this group has unique issues that require an outlet.  Well, we have
realized over time that the entire industry has a large group of RETIRED PILOTS that carry their
own set of unique issues and areas of concern.  With that in mind, for all those happy Retired
Slugs out there, we have created RSP.  This is a work in progress and we expect to continually
gain valuable feedback from our users as to  where this site should focus. 

Hear this LOUD AND CLEAR. There is no hidden agenda for this site.  We aim to purely and
simply serve the country's large continguent of retired pilots. There is no profit motive. 

This is however, a PRIVATE site.  ONLY retired airline pilots are welcome.  Along with our
mission there will be posted rules from time to time.  We wish to make a site free of profanity or
lewd conversation.  Our forum will be the main area for pilot interaction.  And we plan to have a
number of useful links and tools that our community can use. 

I hope that you find this site enjoyable and useful as well. Any suggestions that you may have
for added tools or links are always encouraged. 

Welcome to RSP! Come on in and stay awhile.   

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