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This page was last updated: January 17, 2013
Survivors of Deceased Delta Pilot Page

What do I have (or don’t have) page for survivors?

Okay, things have changed and will continue too, you can bet on that.
Now, (as related to the survivor benefits from our former DAL job)
bottom line, what do I have?

This is a comprehensive page for the survivors of a former Delta Pilot
(for a living Delta pilot click here)

  • Call Delta ESC 1-800-MYDELTA   (1-800-693-3582)

Delta Intranet Home Page:
Retiree & Survivor Connection

D & S Plan & Trust
When pilot dies survivor is entitled to approx 35% of Final Avg Earnings
Complete Plan with Amendments -1996

Assembled document of helpful info   Helpful compiled data

Survivor Benefits from D & S Trust - Gost & George 5/1/08
Survivor Benefits 2 public document

Gost public Benefit Calculation Spreadsheet

Delta Disabled Pilots & Survivors Association


HCTC for eligible pilots between ages 55-65
Medicare and supplemental after

Retirement Income:
Distributed “claim” for Non-Qualified (1 time claim distributed-once and done!)
Continued “qualified” benefits (or Defined benefit pension) now paid by PBGC

Survivor Benefits: (Review your life insurance needs while keeping the following in mind)
  • Delta Pilots Disability & Survivor Plan Trust Fund (YES, please click here)
  • DPMA? (None. Any and all benefits terminate upon your retirement)
  • Delta paid life insurance?    (Retired pilot is covered by $10,000 policy).
  • Your Independent life insurance
  • Check Group plans, like DECU through CUNA at least $1000
  • Any other association membership like EAA, AOPA may have a small group min policy.
  • Social Security Administration has a small lump sum for death.


  • ALPA insurance or any other benefit – None

Official web sites for my access as a retiree:
  • Delta Pilot DDPSA   Delta Disabled Pilots & Survivor Association
  • PBGC        PBGC at 1-800-400-7242   (Monthly Benefits STOP for most survivors, but D&S Trust begins)
  • Delta ExtraNet  (Retiree limited access to Travel Net, ESS, Flight Ops and more)
  • DALRC (Delta Air Lines Retirement Committee)

Helpful web sites for Delta Pilot Retirees:
  • PCN Pilot Communicaton Net

Neighborhood local meetingsDave Robert’s list

Email rings signup:
PCN email ring


PCN Misc Links:

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This page was last updated: January 17, 2013
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