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This page was last updated: June 25, 2009
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Delta Death Reporting Check List

The following checklist is for informational purposes only for active, domestic Delta employees. It is intended to give you suggestions and information to consider if you experience this life event, as well as, access to tools and resources to implement some of the suggestions if you so choose. It is not intended to be a complete list of actions that should be taken if you experience this life event. Delta does not endorse any of the non-Delta resources, services, products or information that may be referenced in or linked to this site.

The entries marked with R  are required. All others are optional based on your individual situation. What to Do or Consider... and How to Do It
Notify the Employee Service Center within 30 days from the date of death:
R To report the death of a spouse or a dependent, complete the applicable Family Status Change Form (Dependent/Nondependent/Step-Child) or Family Status Change Form (Spouse/Ex-Spouse).

R To report the death of a parent or step-parent complete the Parent Information Update Form.

Submit completed forms via mail or fax to:
Delta Employee Service Center
PO Box 52045
Phoenix, AZ 85072

Fax: (602) 797-6261
Phone: 1-800-MY DELTA
E-Mail: ESC.Delta@delta.com

Documentation Required:
  You must provide supporting documentation, as required. This may include a copy of the death certificate. Do not wait for supporting documentation to arrive before submitting the forms, you may miss the 30-day window. You may submit the supporting documentation as soon as you receive it.

  APM 1003 Reporting Change of Personal Information and Family Status
HRPM 1023 Death in Immediate Family

HRPM 1096 Transporting Remains

HRPM 1027 Vacation Domestic Ground (refer to Death of Family while on Vacation)

Employee Connection - Medical Options Index

Employee Connection - Dental Options Index

Employee Connection - Day Care FSA Information

Delta Employee Benefit Handbook and Summary Material Modifications (SMM)


When the appropriate Employee Service Center form has been processed, the pass privileges for the deceased will be automatically cancelled. The pass card may be returned to the Employee Service Center, 951/ATG or destroyed. If applicable, pass benefits for the pass riders of the employee may be altered or cease.
  Non-Rev Travel

Delta Employee Service Center Contact Information:
Phone: 1-800-MY DELTA
E-Mail: ESC.Delta@delta.com

R If the deceased employee, retiree, or survivor was receiving benefits, the Retirement & Benefits Office must be notified of the death. The employee or survivor should contact the Retirement & Benefits Office for assistance with matters such as life insurance and survivor benefit claims.

U.S. Mail:
Delta Retirement and Benefits
PO Box 52175
Phoenix, AZ 85072
FedEx or UPS:
Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Retirement and Benefits
Department 951
990 Toffie Terrace
North Technical Center
Atlanta, GA 30354-1363

Fax: (602) 797-6276
Phone: 1-800-MY DELTA
E-Mail: ESC.Delta@delta.com

If applicable, consider contacting the following vendors to verify beneficiaries and/or use the links provided to print the forms for updating beneficiaries. 
Aetna (beneficiary information for basic and optional life):

Aetna US Healthcare Designation of Beneficiary - Basic Life
Aetna US Healthcare Designation of Beneficiary - Optional Life

Hartford Insurance Company (beneficiary information for group accidental death & dismemberment insurance and private pilot insurance):

Beneficiary Designation for Accident Insurance
Beneficiary Designation for Accident Insurance for Private Pilots

Delta Family Care Savings Plan:
Contact Fidelity at 1-800-554-0262

Delta Family Care Savings Plan Beneficiary Designation

SkyShares: Contact Merrill Lynch at 1-888-DELTA18 or 1-888-335-8218
U.S Savings Bond Form: Complete this form to update any changes in last name, address, and beneficiaries for your savings bonds and submit it to the address shown on the form.
Employee Stock Purchase Plan Authorization Form: Complete this form to update any changes in address and beneficiaries for your ESPP and submit it to the address shown on the form.
You may wish to consult a tax advisor or accountant to determine if a change in your tax withholdings is appropriate.

W-4 Update

To automatically update your W-4 and state tax information, use your Passport Password to access Employee Self-Service (ESS). From the ESS home page, please select View/Update Your US Tax Information and update your federal tax information, where indicated. When using ESS, it is not necessary to send a printed copy to the Payroll department as your tax information will be automatically updated.

State Tax Update

To update your state tax information, please obtain the correct form for your state and mail or fax the completed document to the address indicated below. In order to obtain the appropriate form using Delta’s intranet site, go to Employee Connection/Forms/Payroll, Tax & Deductions/State Tax Forms. You will be directed to a site that contains tax forms for each state.

If you require any assistance in obtaining or completing a federal (W-4) or state tax form, please contact the Employee Service Center at 1-800-MY DELTA.

Submit completed forms via mail to:
  Delta Air Lines, Inc.
Payroll, Dept. 831, P.O. Box 20706
Atlanta, GA 30320-6001
1-800-MY DELTA.
APM 1002 Income Tax Withholding

For more information on how to use the automated tax & deduction system, refer to Automated Tax & Deduction System.

If you are using PAL, you must have a HR Multi-Purpose PIN. If you do not have a PIN, apply for one by selecting "Create HR Multi-Purpose PIN" from the Employee Self-Service Index page.

All workgroups excluding Pilots and Flight Attendants:
Use your Passport Password to update your emergency contact information directly online through Employee Self-Service.
Pilots and Flight Attendants:
Update your emergency contact information in DBMS.

Information on Personal Assistance
Find out more information on support groups on the following links:

Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

LifeCare Resource and Referral Services
Go to LifeCare.com or call a LifeCare specialist toll-free at (866) 675-3749 for assistance with funeral planning, grief management, guidelines to help children cope, estate management, organizing legal affairs, and much more
Personal Financial Planning
Find contact information for financial professionals on these links:
Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

Social Security Card
Consider applying for a Social Security card for your new dependent.

Social Security Administration

Wills, Power of Attorney, etc.
Check with your legal advisor to determine whether or not you need to update your Will, Power of Attorney, etc.